Natural gas was once the unwanted stepchild of the oil industry; a byproduct to be flamed off or injected back in the ground.

Times have changed and shale gas is a hot commodity.

Forward thinking companies brought us the shale gas revolution. Is the best impact of that revolution--natural gas as a fuel for cars and trucks--being thwarted?

CNC (Compressed Natural Gas) could be a competitor at your local gas station, offering a reasonable alternative to imported oil.

If gas companies were only in the gas business, and oil companies only in the oil business--(as much as that is practical)--would we start to see real competition between the fuels?

Is it time for a divorce, or is the marriage between gas and oil interest still worthwhile?

Natural gas vs oil; food for thought.

Aaron Price

January 23, 2013
Natural Gas vs Oil: Time for a Divorce?