The Price Plan
​Freeing Oil From the Markets
​Saving America Money

​January 16, 2013

Realizing that no free market for oil exists now, or ever will exist, The Price Plan calls on the Government of the United States to stand up for American families and bring down the high cost of gasoline.

How The Price Plan Works

1. The U.S. Government, through the Department of Energy, buys all oil to be refined in the United States.

2. The Department of Energy negotiates directly with oil producers, foreign and domestic, to set the best price for oil, without reference to or interference from commodity markets.

3. The Department of Energy sells the oil it buys directly to refiners, cutting out all middlemen and speculative profits.
Crude oil is the biggest expense in a gallon of gasoline. Estimates of the true value of a barrel of oil range from $60-$70.

A barrel of crude oil traded on NYMEX for $93.00 last week.
What would you do with the money you could save?

The Price Plan. Providing for our future. Strengthening our economy. And saving the public money every day.

Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran had the vision to found OPEC in 1960. Who, in 2013, will have the courage and the vision to do what is right, and implement The Price Plan now?

*Crude oil brought to the United States to be refined for use in other countries will be exempt under this proposal.